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Electronic Logbook and Operational Management Software,

the Jaguards Security Supervisor ensures traceability,

security event management and inter-service information exchange.

Jaguards equip Command Information Centers, Security Stations,

Crisis Management Units, Industrial Maintenance Facilities, Smart Cities,

help manage cyber crises and securing major public events.


Solutions / Businesses

Crisis Headquarters

In a Crisis Headquarters, when an incident or disaster occurs, there are many challenges. The first of them is to have relevant information in real time in order to make the right decisions and manage the emergency rescue teams.

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Industrial Maintenance

More than ever, the maintenance and works departments must be able to ensure the traceability of the interventions, the rigorous management of the equipment park and human resources in order to deliver a quality service and accelerate the return to normal operations.

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Local laws require Operators of Essential Services (OES) to implement a number of measures concerning the management and traceability of security incidents. Jaguards simplifies the task and guarantees traceability.

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Smart City

Jaguards Smart City is a global and modular offer for public safety forces used to manage major public events, operational management during the event and helps adapt to the right procedures.

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After functional analysis of the event management workflow, we implement a procedure that perfectly matches your organization strategy and your business needs.

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The operations of security services, firemen and maintenance teams require precision, efficiency, speed and traceability. Jaguards Airport allows for management of interventions and trace operational activities.

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Visitor Management Module

Thanks to the Sensitive Site Visitor Management module Jaguards allows you to manage a database of visitor access, and helps you to respect the rules governing your access.


Fire/Work Permit Module

Thanks to the Jaguards “Fire permit / Work” module, the representative of the head of the establishment has a simple and reliable tool to issue, ensure the monitoring and traceability of fire permits.

A complete crisis management solution ...

Jaguards is a collaborative platform to manage and share information in real time. The electronic Logbook & Reporting System is essential to insure and improve the resilience of organizations


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The electronic LogBook

The electronic LogBook ensures the follow-up, the sharing between different services or organizations and the complete and tamper-proof traceability of events (interventions, incidents, telephone and radio calls, alarms, …).
The solution helps decision-making , manages the resources involved , shows incidents on a map and manages visitor access to sensitive sites .

A complete crisis management solution

The Jaguards Electronic LogBook and Crisis Management suite offer is a business-based solutions for firemen, local communities and governements, airports, crisis headquarters, industrial maintenance, security units and vital business operators.

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Common features to all versions :


Multi-user, allows fine management of rights and entitlements. Rights management can also be delegated via API to your corporate directory (AD, LDAP, SAML, Oauth2, OpenID Connect …).

PC, tablet and smartphone

Works on PC, tablet and smartphone , with ergonomics adapted to each terminal, is developed in “full web” technologies and is implemented without any installation on the client side.

Real time informations

Allows the communication manager and the crisis manager to have relevant and up-to-date information at all times, allowing them to act and communicate with confidence.


Incorporates, as an option, a powerful tool for generating dashboards , facilitating your reporting , the statistical analysis of your operations and the development of your experience feedbacks.

API and WebService

Connects to existing information systems via API or WebService to integrate with your existing workflows and tools to streamline information processing.

Multi-sites and Multi-entities

Multi-sites and multi-entities that allow collaboration and safe exchange between different organizations, freeing them from traditional « silos ».

Visitor management

Offers a visitor management module, validation workflows and access permissions in sensitive and secure environments.

Cartographic module

Incorporates its own cartographic module and a GIS access API, allowing instant visualization of events and resources, improving decision-making and resilience.

SaaS mode, license, rental, white label
Offered in SaaS mode (hosted, backed up, without any installation at home), in license mode, rental mode or white label for integration into your business software packages.

Jaguards integrates into existing information systems for real-time collaboration


Jaguards integrates perfectly with your flows and business tools via API and allows an effective and real time sharing of information for optimal efficiency:

  • Integration with main geographic information systems (GIS) of the market
  • Connecting to your corporate directories (LDAP)
  • Integration of SAML, OpenID Connect and OAuth 2 protocols
  • Notification of your intervention teams via short messages, messenger, Mail, Telex, etc.
  • Integration of any flow or service by WebService (REST, SOAP, …)
    Indeed, in a crisis situation the information from the field is of vital importance to assess the situation and direct relief at best.

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